Philippine Small Claims Court: Maaari Nang Kasuhan Ngayon Ang Mga Hindi Nagbabayad ng Utang

Are you one of those people who left behind after they ask a favor from you? Asking favor or help has a broad meaning such as involvement of effort, time and especially borrowing money.

As usual rule, if you borrow money then you need to pay on the date you promise. But nowadays, there are a lot of people who forget and mostly they will run away from their debt.

Mostly for those who are constantly having a difficult time attempting to make their ends meet which in general called it as a loan but in the Philippines is temporary loan or also known as “utang” is extremely usual and sometimes, not all loan creditors are getting back what was leased from them.

That is why the Supreme Court has decided to push for a quick and easy method of gathering debt payment instead of filing a criminal case for culprits; this will be viable under the revised small claims method.

it will be simpler to file a civil case within metropolitan and municipal trial court and the conclusion will be released in just 30 days upon filing the profess in which under this new system.

This is Supreme Court’s solution to the raising quantity of cases filed in the court against money profess. The current system will also have an inexpensive filing fee and less lucky complainants could also have a dispensation if they’re indigent or not financially able to recompense the fee.

“Ito po ay abot-kayang hustisya. Sapagkat sa pananaw naming, wala pong maliit na halaga na hindi dapat ayusin ng hustisya. Sa small claims, sisiguraduhin natin na ang batas ay maging simple, mabilis, mura.” clarified Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno.

Lawyer’s assistance will longer require if the money profess isn’t over 200, 000 pesos, the complainants will just require to fill out the small claims for and pass required supporting documents.

The altered small claims will cover money profess from loan, debt, rent, services, and mortages.

As soon as the complainant order the case, the court will tell the defendant and need them to answer the said complaint and will schedule a hearing in just 30 days.

Should both partied did not concur to settle their money claim problem; the judge will quickly release a decision of the case within 24 hours.

But, for the system not to be misapplied, extra charges will be applied for every extra defendant. There’s an additional charge when a person files a case for over 5x a year.

Based to Supreme Court, in 2016, approximately 13, 000 small profess cases were solved, much higher from 10, 000 cases found a solution in 2015.

For further information read the FAQs below:

Philippine Small Claims Court: Maaari Nang Kasuhan Ngayon Ang Mga Hindi Nagbabayad ng Utang Philippine Small Claims Court: Maaari Nang Kasuhan Ngayon Ang Mga Hindi Nagbabayad ng Utang Reviewed by Admiin Artikulo on October 23, 2018 Rating: 5
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