2 Women Loss Their Vision After Using Their Mobiles For Too Long in A Dark Area

Do you love watching movies or Korean dramas with your lights off at the evening? Do you use your phones before you go to sleep with nothing else acts as light but your screen phones?

Well, then let me inform you, control that routine as much as possible, though the effects to you might obtain due to it will be frightening.

Doctors have now been warning others after two girls complained about having temporary loss of vision from always checking their phones at night.

These girls aged 22 and 40, suffered “temporary smartphone blindness” for months. The reappearing episodes of transient blindness was up to 15 minutes. They were then subjected to medical tests, MRI Scans and Heart exams, but none of those were capable to determine the issue.

They then proceed to an eye doctor who solved the case.

“I just asked them, what precisely where you doing when this occurred?” recalled Dr. Gordon Plant of Moorfield’s Eye Hospital in London.

Both girls answered that they commonly used at their smartphones with one eye closed. The other was staring at the smartphone, while the other eye covered on the pillow, stared at the dark.

Hence, making the other eye amend to the light, which makes it difficult for them to see in the dark, though their eyes are still taking a several minutes to catch up to the adaptability of the other eye.

Transient loss of vision was relieved that the blindness did not signify any more severe problems but the other girl, took too long to take it.

She was more doubtful thus she made a month long diary tracking her eyesight, until she lastly believed the doctor.

Dr. Rahul Khurana, a spokesman for the American Academy of Ophthalmology, shared that it was actually difficult to force people to consider that the loss of vision was triggered by using the smartphones with one eye, and that not numerous users would have suffered the occurrence. Eventually he concluded, that his wife attempted to recreate to story line, but said that it was hard checking her phone with one eye.
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