Father Should Not Give Child Support is illegal by Law Under RA 9262 Called VAWC

We all know that life isn’t ideal, and eventually the marriage or relationships that we imagined to be all passionate and successful also falls apart.

This type of separation between a mother and father don’t just impact the couple but also the kids who will sometimes turn as victims when one of their guardians forget their tasks of giving the necessary support.

The insufficient of financial support from parents usually occurs since many young parents are ignorant of their rights to legally demand a child support, in fact, failure to give child support is already an offense, thanks to our lawmakers who secured this type of ruling beneficial for single parents and kids abandoned by their parents.

Under the Republic Act 193 to 222 of the Family Code, a child support concludes “everything necessary for sustenance, home, clothing, medical assistance, education and transportation”.

The law also managed that the number of child support will rely on the needs of the recipients and also the resources of the guardian.

This indicates that the quantity will not be fixed and always subject to modification.

A parent’s mistake or refusal to give financial support is illegal by law under the Republic Act 9262 also called as the Violence Against Women and Children Act or VAWC.

Here’s how to get a child support for those single parents in the Philippines:

If you need to get child support, below are several essential things to remember.

Even if the parents are no longer together, kids are still eligible to child support

What this indicates is that a father can’t just shirk away from his duties to his children. It also affects regardless of neither or not the guardians were married.

This means that if a guy gets a woman pregnant, and then leaves the woman and his kid, the woman can lawfully demand for support.

You can lawfully demand child support for your kid

If for any reason, your kid is not receiving the support that they require, you can legally demand for child support.

You can go about this through opting to find legal help either from a lawyer, which can involve big legal fees. Or you could take advantage of government agencies like PAO or Public Attorney’s Office, the DOJ or Department of Justice and also from DSWD or Department of Social Welfare and Development.

Once you arrange a case, a protection order for your child will be provided. This indicates that the child will be needed to stay with the mother during the time of the case.

The case will be arranged in the RTC or Regional Trial Court which also assists as the Family Court.

Documents you have to prepare:

If you are attempting to get a child support, you have to assure to have the following documents ready in order to make the method much simplier.

PSA birth certificates of your child, or children’s.
PSA marriage certificate if you were married.
    So if you’re a single parent at the moment and your past partner refuses to give support for their own flesh and blood, then don’t fluctuate to seek legal help to know your child’s rights whether they’re legal or not.
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