Know How Your Nose Shape Indicates Your Personality

Did you know that the shape of your nose can tell about your personality, health in your 40’s?

Well based on the author of The Wisdom of Your Face named Jan Haner, this book is an explanation for certain features of you and those who sees you.

Your forehead can say something on your 20’s, eyes on 30’s, mouth on 50’s, chin on 60’s and so on. So here we are on your 40’s the nose can tell thing about you.

What the shape of your nose reveals on your 40’s:

Large but not bumpy or Bony
 – you will have an enjoyment power and success in your 40’s, it also means that you are in control or can read peoples mind.

Bony and Large Nose – is being perfectionist, like to be alone more often and has gesture about peoples personality.

Large or Plum Nose – means you are a little laid back and enjoys art. Haner also says “ They also tend to work really hard and like spending their hard earned money on things that allow them to enjoy life.”

Small Nose – Haner said “People with these types of noses are more efficient with their work and would rather work smart, not hard. They’re not necessarily perfectionists, but they’re not sloppy with their work either. And they often get frustrated with people with large noses, since large-nosed folks can’t always let things go,” this is really interesting.

Petite and Soft Noses – are labeled friendly are often family type and are people who enjoys success but without much power.

Medium sized with no bumps
 – are considered perfectly formed based on Chinese facial reading, are more positive in their 40’s.

Scooped with an Upward pointed tip – enjoys holiday and family memories, can lend money easily to friends and family.

A nose that turns down in the end – you are meant to slow down on your 40’s.

Cleft Nose – very emotive and wear your heart on your sleeve. You can have a bumpier ride on ein your late 40’s.

Crooked Nose – according to Chinese face reading, your destiny will change because of this accident and will have to learn a lesson in your 40’s that will make you come out on top.

Bulbous tip in the end – enjoys the pleasure of life, but has consequences.

Pointed tip – curious, tewndency for gossips, thrive for your passion and joy.

Diamond shape – you has the curiosity to explore new things, have fun and also wants to involve in other people’s business.
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