Shape of your Face can Tell Something about your Personality

Jean Haner, has written the book of THE WISDOM OF YOUR FACE, she said that most people don’t have different face shapes.

Faces can be a mixture of oval, square or round, for some it is even hard to identify the shape.

This came from 3,000 years old study on Chinese medicine, Haner says in her book.

The face shape reveals your personality, as well the general approach to life.

The face can be considered as a map of someone’s character and their entire life.

Six types of face shapes:

Oval Face Shape

The person with the oval shape always knows what to say in a situation, they can also make other people feel safe, welcome and comfortable but they can also sometimes too focus on what they are saying what’s right and not care about other opinion about them.

Diamond or Triangle Face Shape

People with triangle face shape or diamond face also known as pear face shape usually want to be in charge, said to be successful. The narrower the top of The face is, the more bossy they are.

Round Face Shape.

People with round face are, generous, kind and communicative. They tend to attract narcissistic, put others need first, often wind up not achieving what they want in a relationship. Eventually, they will come to realize that they give too much and should not priority others first before them.

Square Face Shape

People with square face shape are said to be relatively intelligent and analytical. Haner says that square face shape is an attitude for people who like to take and receive big projects due to their stamina.

Heart Face Shape

People with heart face shape unimaginable inner strength. Once they set a goal they, they will pursue it and achieve it. It is inner strength and not to be mistaken for stamina. Well, these people are, pretty, creative and pretty intuitive also. If they set a goal to achieve something, they can become very pushy.

Long Face Shape

People with long face shape .detail oriented and want to do everything on their own. Also, the job they accomplish is of professional. Preciseness is some other characteristics They possess, especially describe in their words. They can communicate efficiently and effectively. But still, there times That they can be sharp with the words if you get in their way.
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